For any wood manufacturer that wish to deliver high quality finished furniture to his client the we are the ones for you. For any Building construction company that wish to add a quality partner in their group of services you can now count on us!

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Hospitality Services

FURNINEW Furniture Fire and Water Damage

Special refinishing services for hotel and/or hotel apartments’ renovations. If you wish to renovate or change the look of your property then give us a call! Be cost efficient and maintain your brand at the same time! If replacing your furniture is not an option then furniture renovation and refinishing is a cost effective alternative.

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Residential Services

FURNINEW Furniture Residential Services

Specializing in residential furniture restoration and refinishing for all homeowners. If replacing your furniture is not an option but wishing giving your furniture a second chance then we, at Furninew, can guarantee that your furniture will have that like new look. Call us now to arrange for a free quote!

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Commercial Services

FURNINEW Furniture Commercial Services

Furniture restoration and refinishing for commercial properties such as restaurants, cafes, offices, banks, hospitals, universities and any other commercial property. Upon request we can provide you with a free estimation. Upholstery and furniture polishing services are also suitable for any commercial property that need a new refinishing touch!

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