Furninew is a new established business serving the furniture finishing and refinishing industry. We have noticed that the local market needs a leader in the industry that will provide homeowners, carpentry and other establishments with high standards and quality service. This is our vision and our mission.

We do believe that whether one wish to replace his furniture or give his furniture a second chance, it deserves the best he can get, and yes, we can provide that. We understand the market and know how important is for any client to get a high quality product in least of time and with a sensible price.

For all Residential, Commercial and Hospitality properties, domestic carpenters, woodworkers, kitchen and cabinet makers, that Refinishing is the alternative to replacing the old furniture with new, either due to low budget or for emotional reasons, Furninew can guarantee that giving your furniture a second chance will not go wasted. Bringing back the original worth and beauty of your furniture is a service we are pleased to do. We do manage to recover your initial investment, adding years and worth to your furniture.

At Furninew, we believe that we can meet all your expectations either that be a finished brand new furniture or giving your old furniture a new refinished look, a second chance. That is because we are excited and passionate to do that so.

With decades of expertise in the furniture finishing and refinishing industry, Furninew delivers professional furniture finishing and refinishing services, commitment to excellence and best results in order to meet your expectations. We hope you trust our expertise and passion.

Please be free to contact us at any time to learn more and arrange for a free estimation if required. You can always check contact page for all the info you may need.